Launched in 2020 by Advaitha Ravishankar, at Advait we create garments which bridge the gap between fine art and fashion. With our love for bold and rich colours hand painted and made into textiles, our collections are reminiscent of everything retro and pop with which we aim to revive your sense of nostalgia and child like wonder. We have carved ourselves a niche in the market by designing prints so individualistic in style that they can never be found elsewhere or replicated.

With hand painted prints which are inspired by anything from streets of London, old broken down sewing machines to 17th Century cutlery, we find joy in the history of objects found during our travels and the idea of telling their stories with our creativity. In this process, with every collection we hope to create never before seen art and beautiful, artistic pieces full of personality that help people experiment with their personal style and are seen as investments which will last a lifetime.


All of our fabrics used are mindful and are a part of the conscious choices that we make each day to be better and do better. We primarily make use of Lenzing Tencel and Recycled Polyester while the linings we use are either Handloom Cotton made by local weaving clusters, or soft and breathe-able Lenzing Modal. All of the ink used to print our textiles also comprise of non toxic AZO free and PCB free dyes which are a better choice for the environment and our skin.